Room and facility guideRoom and facility guide

A hundred year dream left by the predecessors.

[IIDA - Main Building]


In the old days, the 100 year old building built by Amimoto in this land was renovated fully handmade by Iida that is still warmth inn that lasts for a long time now.
The unusual space that appears one after another is like a kaleidoscope.
It is a warm inn of the successive owner family, so please spend comfortable time.

Main Building

1. The exterior of the main building retains its original appearance.
2. A polished passage leading to the rooms
3. Chartered Goemon bath
4.The open ceiling space also feels like historical time.


Warmth Japanese-style Guest Room.

[IIDA - Japanese-style Guest Room in the Main Building]

  • Japanese and Western-style Guest Rooms

    IIDA [Main Building] Japanese and Western-style Guest Rooms (2 - 6 people) [new remodeling]

  • Japanese-style Guest Rooms (2 -3 people)

    IIDA [Main Building] Japanese-style Guest Rooms (2 -3 people)

  • Japanese-style Guest Rooms (2 - 6 people)

    IIDA [Main Building] Japanese-style Guest Rooms (2 - 6 people) [new remodeling]

  • Wash room newly renovated

    Wash room newly renovated

  • The table is easy to sit on.

    The table is easy to sit on.

  • The restaurant is now new.

    The restaurant is now new.

  • Horigotatsu Table

    Horigotatsu Table

Fantasy retreat

Fantasy retreatNagomi no Yado[IIDA]
A relaxing space for women. A quiet night surrounded by fantasy world conducted by a fancy appearance. Quality time to spend in a retreat. Just forget the real world and play for a while in a dream.

The annex of the "Modern Japanese-style" which is reminiscent of the Japanese inn in New York, which was a storehouse for rice through the time of the one hundred years has been renovated fully handmade. Nagomi no Yado IIDA the annex ’Kura' can accommodate up to 2 -15 people in the two-story building .

annex ’Kura' annex ’Kura' annex ’Kura'

Yufuin no Yu (artificial hot spring)Yufuin no Yu (artificial hot spring)

Yufuin no Yu (artificial hot spring) | The Efficacy Table

The two baths in the main building and the stone bath where you can bathe with family became a hot spring.
Please enjoy in a slow pace while your stay.

pimples, rash, eczema, dry skin, sensitivity to cold, shoulder stiffness, backache, fatigue recovery, Nerve pain, rheumatism, long-term exposure to cold, chapped skin, cracked skin, Hemorrhoid, Bruised, Sprains, loldness after prenatal delivery
Sodium ion(Na+),Carbonate ion(CO32-),Sulfate ion(SO42-)、Chlorine ion(CI-)
The hot water is alkaline and the skin moisturizes. Also, the hot water is soft and less irritating, so it is generally popular. Famous hot springs are Yufuin in Oita and Dogo in Ehime.
The hot water

bath agent (Quasi-drug, MHLW approval number 22000 DZX01068000) has a part of the hot spring component
and has a special focus on the features of hot springs.
The above display shows the ingredients, features and efficacy of bath agents.